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[hr] [three_fourth] [toggle title=”Are you a licensed real estate firm?”]Yes, we sure are. We are licensed in New Mexico under Steve Hardy as the Qualifying Broker the license number is 18026.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How long have you been doing this?”]Hardy and Company was formed at the beginning of 2009 and began offering our fee based listings that summer. Since then we have helped hundreds of people.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Why are you doing this?”]Times have changed and we decided that we were not interested in sitting idle to wait to see where the real estate industry was going to go. We wanted to be in the lead.  We have seen too many industries and the practitioners in those industries get completely knocked off the tracks as time changed.  For example – travel agents.  Remember them?  Dinosaurs right….  Stock brokers… who?  So realizing that times are continually changing, we set out to create a company that works with buyers and sellers of real estate in the way that makes sense. What we found was that people want choices and to be able to use the great tools that are being made available to the public.

We saw that buyers prefer to do their own research online and that today’s technology enables a buyer  to perform the groundwork that was traditionally provided by a real estate broker. Since this is the reality of the way people are looking for property, we decided that buyers should be rewarded with a commission rebate for being actively involved in the search – once the a property was identified we found that people still needed help guidance and professional advice, so that’s why when one of our clients finds a property we come in and represent them fully from that point forward.

We also saw sellers who were caught between accepting a traditional real estate listing and trying to sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO).  The traditional listing cost a fixed percentage irregardless of the price of the home and often included services that were not needed or simply ineffective.  Those who were trying to sell FSBO often were falling short in their marketing efforts or were getting beaten up in the contract negotiations.  Our listing programs were really designed to allow seller’s to pick and choose what services and help they need in the transaction.

At the end of the day it works out well for everyone involved: We remain profitable by eliminating the excess overhead that is associated with a traditional real estate brokerage and concentrate on getting paid for the professional services we provide, not ancillary services that add little value to the process. The buyer or seller get’s to Keep More, Pay Less.

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