FAQ – REALTOR.com® Showcase Listing.

Got Questions about our REALTOR.com® Showcase Listing? We’ve Got Answers!

What is the REALTOR.com and why should my property be on it?
  • REALTOR.com® is Number 1 in Unique Visitors – Over 10,000,000 Visitors per Month.
  • REALTOR.com® is Number 1 in Page Views.
  • REALTOR.com® is Number 1 in Time Spent Searching – 235,000,000 minutes were spent searching for properties on REALTOR.com® this is close to 200% more than the next closest competitor, Zillow.com, and close to 300% more than Trulia.
  • The average visitor spends 24 minutes, and views 51 pages while searching properties on REALTOR.com®.
  • Showcase Listings Receive 116% more clicks than non-showcase listings.
  • REALTOR.com® Showcase Listings are optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – this means more traffic for you.
  • REALTOR.com® mobile applications have been downloaded over 3.3 million times, and continue to grow rapidly.
Will my home be on the local MLS?
No, with our REALTOR.com® Showcase Listing your home will not be in the local MLS. If you would like to have your home also placed in the local MLS you should consider our Flat Fee MLS Listing.
Will my home only be on REALTOR.com®?
No, actually we call this program our REALTOR.com® Showcase Listing but in reality it’s much more.  In addition to being on REALTOR.com® your home will also be posted to over 30 of the top national real estate web sites – sites like Zillow, AOL, and Trulia.
So, I understand that my home will be on the top national real estate sites. How else will my home be marketed with this service?

In addition to the REALTOR.com® Showcase Listing and your listing appearing on 30+ of the top national web sites your home will be marketed with two additional REALTOR.com® tools that are growing in popularity everyday:

  • Your Listing will be Available on the REALTOR.com® Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows.
  • Your Listing will be made available on REALTOR.com® International – A site that can bring International Buyers to you.
Will I have to pay a Commission to anyone at closing?
No. Our REALTOR.com® Showcase Listing allows you to sell your home without any commission.  The only time a commission could possibly be due is if a buyer’s broker approaches you with a proposal for them to receive a commission as a result of bringing you a buyer – it’s always up to you to decide if you want to accept their proposal.
How long is the Listing Agreement?
The listing term is 6 months. We will send you a e-mail about a week prior to your expiration and your will have the opportunity to extend your listing at that point.
At what price should I market my home?
The price you decide to market your home for is entirely up to you. It’s best to be realistic about the price – in today’s market the number one factor that contributes to successful sales is a good or even slightly aggressive price. Remember, you can also change your asking price at anytime by sending us the new price via e-mail.
How long does it take for my home to show up on REALTOR.com® ?
We will post your home to REALTOR.com® within one business day of receiving your paperwork and photos. It can take up to an additional 24 hours for your home to appear on the other national web sites.
Can you use My Pictures for the Listing?
Yes, absolutely. Simply e-mail your photos to Photos@Hardy-Co.com. For best results we recommend that photos be:

  • Light and Bright – turn on interior lights and force your flash to be on
  • Free of Clutter – a clean home always shows better
  • In Focus – make sure your photos are sharp and not blurry

Photos should to conform to the following:

  • Minimum of 800 pixels wide or tall – we will format your photos to the proper size upon receipt
  • JPG file type

Good photos are VERY important and can make the difference between a buyer scheduling a showing or not.  If you decide that your photos are not representing your home well, we can shoot the photos for you. Please visit our Professional Real Estate Photography Page for additional information.

Can I cancel my listing?
Yes, you can cancel your listing at any time without cost or penalty.
Who Handles the Forms and Paperwork?
After we receive your order, we will e-mail you a packet that contains all the necessary forms and disclosures. You will then complete them and return them to us via e-mail, fax, or snail mail. Once we receive the paper work, we will review it and contact you if there is anything missing or completed incorrectly.

At the time you receive an offer, it is up to you to complete counter offers and purchase agreements on forms you and the buyer both agree to. If you decide you need additional assistance, we are here to help with our Contract and Closing Support Program. When you add Contract and Closing Support to your listing, we step in at the moment you receive an offer and represent you fully from that point through closing.  Our Contract and Closing Support Package includes the following:

  • We Fully Represent You from the Moment You Receive and Offer.
  • We Negotiate All Offers, Counteroffers & Contingencies.
  • We Handle all the Paperwork on Approved Real Estate Association of New Mexico Forms.
  • We Work with the Title Company and see you through the Closing Process.

The cost of this service depends on when you choose to signup:

  • If you decide to have us represent you in all contract negotiations, from the beginning, you pay only $500 at the time of listing. We then help you with as many offers as you receive.
  • If you decide to have us represent you in contract negotiations, when you get an offer, you pay $500 when you receive your first offer and then $500 for each subsequent offer.

Add Contract and Closing Support to Your listing Now:

What Type of properties do you accept?

Your REALTOR.com® Showcase Listing can be for just about any type of property, Including:

  • Residential Homes
  • Land
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Rentals (both commercial and residential)
Where do you offer this service?

We offer this service for any property located in New Mexico.

I noticed that your contact information is on my REALTOR.com® Listing – how do buyer’s reach me?

Because REALTOR.com® only allows brokers to post listings to their site, or contact info does show next to your listing.  The majority of people who inquire about a home will do so by completing the “Request More Info” form and the remainder will call. Irregardless of how the lead comes in, we forward it to you right away so you can respond.

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